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ABEJA REINA | Ecological, repairing and moisturizing shampoo

19,95 IVA Inc.

Quantity: 250ml

Do you want to wear a healthy, hydrated and shiny hair?

If your hair is dry, colored or curly and needs a hydration injection, nothing better than the sting of our Queen Bee shampoo. Because everyone knows that these animals are very hardworking, and the same goes for this shampoo: repair your hair from the roots to the tips and return the shine thanks to jojoba and argan oils. In addition, it contains organic marjoram oil that protects hair color.

The texture is dense, so it is not going to drain between your fingers, and has a refreshing grapefruit smell whose oil also has an antioxidant effect to show off healthy and full-bodied hair. Do you get one? 😉

BRISA D’CAMPO | Moisturizing and organic body cream

19,95 IVA Inc.

Quantity: 200ml

Hydrate your body with supernutritive oils and sweet aroma

If you have a delicate or atopic skin that needs special care, this hand and body moisturizer is what you need. Because it has shea butter and almond oil, argan and avocado, a potent combination of nutritious fruits that feed inside and out. Not forgetting the calendula, which is responsible for soothing the skin.

In addition, it is absorbed in a periquete thanks to aloe vera (which also moisturizes, by the way), which you will appreciate if you are one of those people who can not stand that the clothes or pajamas are stuck. As if this were not enough, it will leave a delicate smell of vanilla on the skin. That is, once you have put it on, with your lustrous, hydrated and sweetly aromatic skin, we are not responsible for the unstoppable desire you make ;-).


  • Organic almond oil: emollient, deeply nourishes and provides a soft touch to the skin.
  • Organic argan oil: it has nutrient and antioxidant properties, it favors restoration of the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin without greasing, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and provides softness and flexibility.
  • Calendula extract: it has soothing and antioxidant properties.
  • Liposomes of avocado oil and rice: natural bioactive that nourishes in depth.
  • Natural vitamin E: antioxidant that minimizes the effect of free radicals and
  • Fights premature aging.

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CLEOPATRA | Ecological eye contour, radiant look

27,95 IVA Inc.

Quantity: 15ml

Get a radiant and bright look

Aaaah, Cleopatra … Powerful and seductive woman who guarded her beauty secrets suspiciously. We are not going to encourage you to spend tens of liters of milk to give you a bath and get a skin like his, but we do propose this eye contour so that your look is as deep and attractive as that of the pharaoh.

It has a very light texture, so a small amount will suffice for both eyes. Aloe vera causes it to be absorbed immediately, while hyaluronic acid brings firmness and volume to this delicate area. In addition, it contains almond and olive oil to nourish the skin.

The result? Less dark circles, more hydration and a clear and deep look.

EL NARANJO | Organic curls gel with orange aroma

19,95 IVA Inc.

Quantity: 250ml

Wear a defined and natural curls

Oh, how beautiful the curls are in all their forms: wavy, ringed, rebellious, in ringlets … Sometimes just a little definition is missing to feel like you have just left the hairdresser. Then you use foam or gel fixative and, yes, it defines curls very well but also cakes them and gives them a more artificial appearance.

With our El Naranjo curl gel, you can forget about the caking in the hair and the sticks of the product: it has a medium fixation that does not harden, its light texture makes it very easy to distribute and the result is loose, spongy curls and hydrated And, above all, as natural as this gel.

In addition, orange essential oil will add shine to your hair and leave a pleasant aroma. Do you dare to try?


ESPAGUETI DE MAR | Organic facial serum with seaweed

25,95 IVA Inc.

Quantity: 30ml

Why do you think the Little Mermaid is still as young as the first day?

Thinking a lot, we have discovered his secret. Something vegetable and that comes from the sea … Well yes, you guessed it: seaweed!

And it is that the algae are rich in essential trace elements and minerals such as iodine, iron and magnesium, which eliminate toxins and delay the appearance of wrinkles. More specifically, fucus algae contain polysaccharides that promote collagen retention, which makes your skin stay young, smooth and elastic.

The texture of Sea Spaghetti is super light, which allows it to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, where creams cannot reach. That makes it quickly absorbed and brighten your face throughout the day.

You can use it as a complement to your La Fresca cream! to give your skin extra nutrition and elasticity.

LA MIMOSA | Organic sensitive skin cream

25,95 IVA Inc.

Quantity: 50ml

Do you have such sensitive skin that it does not tolerate the specific products for these skins?

If you have resigned yourself to suffer dryness for not applying creams that irritate you, La Fresca comes to the rescue: our organic cream La Mimosa is specially formulated for skin with problems of hypersensitivity, redness and peeling.

It has a very light texture and is absorbed almost instantly, so you will notice that it moisturizes without leaving a greasy sensation. What it does leave is skin as soft as a silk veil.

The star ingredients are aloe vera, calendula and chamomile, three plants that are queens of calm on the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties.

In fact, the presence of these plants makes it inevitable that La Mimosa has an aroma of herbal infusion, which brings to mind its medicinal properties. But when you apply it, surprise! The citrus smell of lemongrass appears, which, apart from adding to the calming effect of others, also does the opposite: it is energizing and refreshing, so it is ideal in the morning to feel awake and ready to eat the day.

LA RAPIDILLA | Pre-washed hair mask

21,95 IVA Inc.

Quantity: 200ml

Hydrate your hair while saving time

How many times have you left for another day that nourishing mask that promises great results but requires to be aware? Wash your hair, apply it, leave it on for hours, wash your hair again …

If you have a busy life and you barely have time to take care of yourself, La Rapidilla will love it. It is a mask specially formulated to apply it to dry hair, before washing it, so you can wear it before going to sports, for example, or even before bedtime if you are going to take a shower in the morning. In addition, it serves as sun protection, so it is ideal for going to the pool or the beach.

Lie without fear, which does not leave a greasy appearance. You will see how your hair is hydrated, soft and strengthened, and the best: without wasting time!

LA RELAJADA | Post-wash hair mask

21,95 IVA Inc.

Quantity: 200ml

Bring your hair back to life

Sometimes it happens that our hair withers like a neglected plant and is left off, dull and with a rough texture that is not very pleasant (did someone say “scourer”?). For these cases we have created a rescue mask with a lot of natural ingredients: shea butter, jojoba, avocado, marjoram, rosemary, chamomile, marigold, passionflower …

What are we going to get with all that? A hydrated hair, strong, bright and with movement, that is, HEALTHY.

And if that were not enough, it will leave your hair so soft that untangling it will be a pleasure. Try it!

LUZ D’SOL | Organic oily skin cream

25,95 IVA Inc.

Quantity: 50ml

The almost magical remedy to moisturize oily and combination skin

And why do we say that this organic cream is almost magical? Very simple: because it adapts to your skin type, either oily or mixed. Oh witchcraft! Not really. The explanation is that it contains witch hazel and fucus seaweed, two natural ingredients that exert a sebum-regulating effect, which means that they contribute fat to the skins that need it and reduce it in the skins where it is left over. In addition, it carries lemon extract to mattify the brightness.

In terms of application, it is an experience. The cream is dense, which is already a preview of the incredible nutrition that it will provide, but it spreads very easily. And if you think that it will leave you feeling oily, you are wrong: aloe vera makes it absorb instantly, leaving you with fresh, smooth skin with a lemon and herb aroma. How about?

MELOCOTÓN TON | Ecological body scrub

24,95 IVA Inc.

Quantity: 200ml

How does it sound to exfoliate your body with peach?

It is even our mouth watering! You no longer have to wait for summer to enjoy this juicy fruit: get its benefits by applying it to your skin at any time of the year.

Our body scrub is light in texture, so it is very easy to spread. It contains organic peach seeds that eliminate dead cells, aloe vera that provides softness and hydration, rose hip that brightens your skin and fucus algae that purifies and leaves the skin soft and elastic thanks to its polysaccharides, which promote collagen retention.

Come on, a cocktail of properties that your body will appreciate!

PEARLS OF ‘JOJOBA | Ecological facial scrub

19,95 IVA Inc.

Quantity: 100ml

Keep your skin clean and hydrated with vegetable treasures from the sea and the earth

Yes, you read it right. Treasures! We have spared no benefits and that is why we have gone looking for ingredients from both the sea and the land. Because what we wanted to achieve is an exfoliant that, in addition to doing its cleaning job, did not leave the skin tight and dry as many we have tried.

That is why its main components are aloe vera and jojoba, known for their moisturizing and regenerating effect. The exfoliation is responsible for jojoba microspheres, which are very thin so as not to irritate the skin. In fact, the scrub is so delicate with your face that you can use it every day, even as a make-up remover.

In addition, it has a texture so soft to the touch that it will surprise you, and you will see how pleasant it is during its application. When you clear it it will leave you feeling fresh and calm that you will be willing to repeat the next day ;-).

PURA VIDA | Ecological anti-aging cream for your face

26,95 IVA Inc.

Quantity: 50ml

The majesty of the creams is here! Never before has the formula of eternal youth been so close.

Suitable for mature skin. We have formulated this organic anti-aging cream to give your face what it should never have lost, its youth. You will be amazed at the softness and hydration it will bring to your skin and the effects it will create on it. It is antioxidant, nutritious, regenerating, soothing and provides luminosity.

RICA LAVANDA | Shampoo for normal hair

16,95 IVA Inc.

If you have brittle hair that tends to fall out more than you would like, Rica Lavender shampoo is specially formulated for you.

First, let’s talk about the application: its texture is dense and consistent, so don’t worry, it’s not going to escape between your fingers! And do not be fooled by the fact that it does not make a lot of foam: that indicates that it does not carry aggressive detergents, which your scalp will thank.

Now, let’s move on to the main components: rosemary essential oil increases cellular metabolism and slows down the fall, while lavender essential oil stimulates hair follicles, strengthens hair and stimulates their growth. But it does not stay there: it also balances the pH of the scalp, so it improves the appearance of both dry and oily hair. That makes it an ideal shampoo for all hair types, that is, a wonder of nature!

Your hair will be clean, loose, with movement and bright, and with a relaxing scent of lavender that will transport you to a sunny afternoon in the countryside. Who could resist?